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Holding Hands

Ask Me Anything

This is your opportunity to ask me questions that will help you along with your own journey to self and your sexual awakening, either by phone or video chat - Whichever is your preference.

Choose up to 3 questions to ask me..


These questions can be about:
Practices you can do,
How to improve your sexual health
Spiritual health

Womb health

... anything to do with "what are my thoughts on.."...

I have a wealth of knowledge in Tantra, Taoism and sex based on investments I have made with my own money, years of studying, attending workshops and wisdom that has only been created by applying all of this to my own life.


I offer a safe space, free of any judgement, open to answer any questions as best as I can. 

I have a wealth of information that is extremely valuable to each individual I speak to.


The day you decide to invest in your life, is the day your life changes. 


If i cannot answer you question I will refer you to somewhere you will find your answers and if I cannot do that, I will be honest an say I cannot answer. I do not give false advice.

Take The Step and Invest in Yourself

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