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Journey To Self Mentorship
Women - ONLINE

Take a journey deep into yourself through tantric and taoist practices with this 8 week or 3 month mentorship programme.

Many of us as women are disconnected from our bodies, from our sensuality and our sexuality. This can be from a whole host of reasons, trauma, abuse and/or a growing up in a society where we are judged for being too sexual and equally, not sexual enough.

This causes the disconnect. This can show up in some women as:

  • Lack of ability to reach orgasm

  • Lack of confidence in asking for what you want in life

  • Low mood/ lack of self love

  • Over sexualisation or lack of sex drive

  • Not being able to get what you want in and out of relationships.

This mentorship is tailor made to you and your specific needs of what you're going through at this time in your life howerer the basics of what will be covered are below:

  • Masculine and feminine energy and how to balance them

  • How to navigate your life in accordance to your own menstrual cycle

  • Tantric body healing/ trauma release

  • Multi- orgasmic training

  • Sex Magic! - Learn how to manifest and create the life you want with your own sexual energy.

  • Lessons in honest communication for deeper intimacy

This  mentorship is also an opportunity to receive womb healing from myself through guided meditation and sound healing.



What Else is Included?

  • A consultation 15- 30 minute call to see where your are at and how best I can help you

  • Including 4 or 6 1hr video calls, where you will work one to one with me to assist you on a journey into your own body and to self discovery.

  • Homeplay! The best home work you'll ever have after every call

  • 121 healing from myself

  • Resources to learn in your own time

  • A workbook to go deeper into female archetypes and how they play out for you.

  • A follow up call to see how you're getting on after the mentorship


This is a truly personalised package where you will develop with me over time and discover how sexual empowerment and tantric presence can change your life!

Click the link below to book today!


Once you have booked, you will receive a call back from me to arrange timings.

Click the link below to begin your journey

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Please note that the service says that it is 4hrs but it is an 8 week or a 3 Month programme.

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