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Tantric Home Birth Advice

  • 1 h
  • 25
  • Aldridge Road|Mill Lane|Laburnum Close|Aldergate

Service Description

Tantra in a huge part of my day to day life and especially through pregnancy. I know that my Tantric practices are what helped me to keep a calm mindset and stay healthy throughout. Tantra has given me the ability to awaken by body, spirit and intuition so much that I can sense and feel my body a lot deeper than the average person. This gave me the power to tap into my body at such a level that I always felt in communication with my baby and I was was able to breathe through my contractions and allow my body to gently birth my baby. He was born in the pool, accompanied by myself and my partner. He was at peace, happy and content as he arrived. It was so peaceful that my waters did not break. Remaining in the amniotic sac, my baby was protected from the pressure of my contractions and he was born without stress, panic and complication. 10 hours of peaceful labour, surrounded by loving family and blessed with no injury or tears. On March 13th 2023 I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, in the comfort of my nan's home. During this pep talk call, I can share the details of my story with you to inspire you to have your very own peaceful birth. I can help you with your checklist of things to prepare for your very own peaceful home birth or even just help you put your mind at ease.

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds available for cancelation up until 24hrs before the booking.

Contact Details

  • Medizen Lounge, Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, UK


  • 1 Mill Lane, Fazeley, Tamworth, UK

  • 6 Laburnum Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, UK

  • Evolve Hair & Beauty Studios, 3 Aldergate, Tamworth, UK


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