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Is this for me?

If you find speaking what is on your mind clearly and concisely, then this is for you.

Often, the only blockage in the way of getting what we want, is knowing how to ask.

This channeled healing is intended to clear and cleanse out the blockages that are holding you back from being able to be true to your deepest desires. 

This healing is both for MEN and WOMEN. I will refer to masculine and feminine energies below. I use them to describe our internal energies. 

They are without gender.

YIN (Feminine) AND YANG (Masculine)

Feminine energy that is not standing in its power will try to convey what it needs, without clearly communicating and being specific about what it needs.

 It hopes that the other will pick up what it means through the vibration it FEELS it is expressing. 

It expects another to guess for them what it is that it needs, as it is not fully tapped into its desires and it hopes that something else will tell them.

The truth is, the biggest gift that the feminine can give to the masculine is KNOWING what it needs.


What it requires and desires to be able to create.

If you imagine the feminine as a plant...

If it does not have the conditions it needs, it will not thrive and create beautiful flowers... then potentially bear delicious healthy fruit.

If it has everything it needs, it will take all the things its been given; the water, the sunlight, the soil and create its greatest version of itself.

Our feminine energy within, is the same as the plant. 

We have to get comfortable finding what it is that we need, and then asking for it.

So that our masculine can provide it. 

(Whether that be someone presenting the masculine externally to you or your masculine within.)





What Am I Required To Do?

You will take part in a guided journeying meditation held by me.


 I will assist you to clear what is holding you back from accessing you deepest desires and from being able to speak it.

With your permission, we will go on an energetic journey through your body whilst in meditation and heal it from the inside.

What will I receive?

  • A Complimentary Consultation (15 Minutes)

  • Journeying Meditation (30 Minutes)

  • Sharing and Reasoning (15 Minutes)

The session is  a total of 1 hr.

         You will also receive:

  • A pdf with of the notes for the session. (including any take aways and resources required)

  • Aftercare follow up call. (30 minutes)

What Results Will Receive?

As will any energy healing, results will vary and will align with your own individual intention.


However, it will help you to ask for what you need more authentically and openly.

Release guilt and shame and fear around asking for what you want.

Open up and clear your throat chakra and your sacral chakra.

Being able to stand more in your power and speak your truth.

This will show you positive energetic change in your life, allowing you to surrender more to flow and ease knowing that the universe is hear waiting provide for you, if you only learn how to ask.

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Take The Step and Invest in Yourself

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