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The Core of You

France Chateau Retreat

Hey family,

Thank you for expressing interest in The Core of You Chateau Retreat. 

Here is where you will pay your £222 deposit. The rest will be paid at a later date, wither all together or in the payment plan that you have agreed.


A brief overview of the retreat:

The Core of You Chateau Retreat is an evolution of The Core of You Healing Sessions that began in 2020 at The MediZen Lounge created by Elka. As Elka has evolved so has her service. 


The Core of You is always intended to do just that….. take you to the core of you! This is not always an easy journey and that is exactly why we have created these sessions/retreats. We know that this healing journey is very much a personal, individual and unique path, however we are aware that we are all here on this journey together and some of us are here to assist and guide others on their path. 


This 4 day Ceremonial Retreat will consist of 3 Sacred medicine ceremonies . We will be incorporating breathwork, meditation & yoga, Sound therapy, Energy Reading/Healing into the retreat and of course all your meals, massages and accommodation are included.

We will be located in the most tranquil settings in a classic French Chateau with a swimming pool and a 12 acre private forest that has its own river running through it


Each day will have a schedule with breakfasts, lunches and dinners and plenty of time for you to also enjoy the surroundings and have some chill out time in the swimming pool where you’ll all have time to socialise with your fellow attendees . You will be held and supported each day as we work through the layers of trauma, pain, fear, conditioning and programming together. This will promote peace, clarity, and good health.


Before you can book on the retreat we will need to have a telephone conversation just to clarify a few things regarding your current health condition and to ensure you are clear on what to expect.


The EARLY BIRD PRICE: £777 deposit of £222 to be paid by March 10th

The cost of the Retreat is £888


Payment plans can be arranged.

Balance to paid by 30/8/2024


BOOKING FEES & ADMIN FEES WILL APPLY (we will confirm these details in the next email)

Date: Check in Sun 8th September to Wed 11th Sept 2024 

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