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Sex From A New Perspective

Have you ever felt that there’s more to sex?

More than pornography? More than the guilt and shame that our society seems to slam it with?

It's simultaneously everywhere, over every advert, film and tv series but also never deeply spoken about. Something that I, myself always found this interesting.

I started out wondering if there was more to my own orgasms.

  • Why was it that some women could experience “G-spot” orgasms and others couldn’t?

  • Why was it that some could ejaculate (popularly known as squirting) and some couldn’t?

All the research up to a certain point led me to articles around, these disparities being just fact, were all different and we experience things differently and there was no shame in whatever it is you experience.

Although this is all true, I started to wonder, if we all have the same bodies then surely we can all do the same thing…

3 Years of research into sex, orgasms, relationships, taoism and tantra later, I went from a woman who only knew of and had experienced one type of orgasm to a full body orgasming, sexual energy channelling, kundalini activated empowered woman.

Life is not perfect and there is no one solution fixes all but life is certainly more orgasmic when you open up to pleasure.

So although, is true, we have different experiences, it is not true that you are stuck with your experience, you always have a choice to develop and grow.

This is also the same for men too!

Did you know that it is possible for men to separate their orgasm from ejaculation?

That they are also able to be multi-orgasmic beings!?

I have invested in seminars with Mantak Chia the master of Taoism and have invested in tantric mentors of my own, along with hours of alone studying and ermmm.. “scientific” experiments... Now, I guide and help others to do the same using my own experiences and studies.

Fun fact!

The orgasm has a frequency of 8hz! This frequency when channelled through the body has the power to induce a theta state in your brain. The theta frequency has been known for its many healing benefits, such as

  • Balancing the left and right side of the brain (your logical and your creative).

  • Reducing Stress

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • Body healing and rejuvenation

And much more!

Sexual growth is a powerful tool in aiding your spiritual development, as well as your overall health and wellbeing

And it feels good!

Welcome to Limitless. Cosmic. Pleasure

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