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Rose Quartz Unicorn Wand
  • Rose Quartz Unicorn Wand


    The Rose Quartz Unicorn Wand  is the perfect tool for indulging in some internal self love.


    This wand can be used for yoni massage internally and externally. The hard surface is perfect for dearmouring and releasing tension and stagnant energy stored in and around the yoni.


    The Unicorn twist give you the extra texture to stimulate the gspot and areas inside the vagina that you may not have experienced pleasure before. 


    Some healing properties of Rose Quartz


    • Crystal of unconditional love
    • Circulates divine loving energy throughout aura
    • Dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentment
    • Allows the capacity to give and receive love
    • Effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy
    • Supports the repoductive system

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